Outfitting to Influence

September 6, 2022

Written by Dann Stouten – 

When people are looking for a church one of the things they want to know is, “what is this church known for?” For decades the answer to that question at Christ Memorial Church (CMC) could be summed up in one word, excellence.

Historically CMC has been known for its excellence in worship, youth ministry and mission support.

That model has served us well and going forward we will continue to strive for excellence as we try to minister to multiple generations of Jesus followers.

But we also need to take the next step and begin Outfitting the Church to Influence the World.

By that we mean we want to shift our focus from what happens inside our building to what happens outside our building.

This means that our teaching will intentionally be focused on giving our members the tools, information, and resources they need to build stronger marriages, stronger families, and stronger character so that they can be an influence and an example to our neighborhoods, and the people we work and go to school with.

John Maxwell once said, “nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care,” and in a world with so much knowledge at our fingertips, he’s never been more right. We suffer from information overload and at the same time we all long to belong.

Today people have hundreds of friends on Facebook and Instagram, and no one they could call in a crisis.

How sad is that!

For this reason, our goal at CMC is not only to impact the way people think about God on Sunday mornings but to impact the way they live their lives every day of the week.

By striving to Outfitting the Church to Influence the World we hope to reflect Jesus’ heart and teaching to the world around us.