Growing in Prayer

Prayer Groups meet at various times during the week at Christ Memorial Church.  You are welcome to join at any time!

Join us!

  • SUNDAY | 7:30am  -  Pre-Service Prayer (meets in Prayer Room)
  • MONDAY | 10:00am  -  Women Praying on Mondays (meets in Prayer Room)
  • TUESDAY | 8:00 am  -  Praying for Your Workplace (meets virtually, via Zoom link). 
  • TUESDAY | 10:00am  -  Moms/Grandmas in Prayer (meets in room 160-161)
  • WEDNESDAY | 4:15pm  -  Women Praying on Wednesdays (meets virtually)
  • THURSDAY | 11:00am - Thursday Prayer for Men (meets in Prayer Room)

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Prayer page (#34)

Resources for you to use.

Prayer is a vital part of the Christian faith, and we want to support you in your journey. That's why we are pleased to offer a variety of resources to help you grow in your relationship with God. Whether you're new to prayer or a seasoned prayer warrior, we invite you to explore our ever growing resources and discover the power of prayer in your life.
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