The Rev. Edwin Mulder returned in 1979 and was installed as the fourth pastor of Christ Memorial on February 25 at Dimnent Chapel on Hope College’s campus. Rev. Wes Kiel joined the staff shortly after in December 1979 as Pastor of Congregational Care.

Christ Memorial continued its message of being welcoming, caring, and accepting, becoming a magnet church for many families within the community. The philosophy was one of rejoicing in a spirit of joy and caring. This was a time when divorce continued to increase, and many churches in the Holland area were losing members to Christ Memorial because of its caring and accepting attitudes. Stephen Ministry was begun under the leadership of Rev. Wes Kiel. This ministry included extensive training of lay members in how to care for people. Many in the congregation were trained.

Christ Memorial was both pastoral and prophetic. It took a strong stand supporting anti-apartheid practices in South Africa. It was an advocate for justice and peace. In August 1981, Christ Memorial Church began celebrating its 25th year anniversary with the theme, “Remember, Rejoice, Renew – Blessed to Be A Blessing.” On August 9 a celebration worship service was held led by Rev. Mulder. In November worship services were held to commemorate the first worship services of the church. Revs. Royal Kemper, Dick Doeden, Ron Beyer, and Edwin Mulder were in attendance at worship services throughout November. In January 1982 a banquet and program were held at the Holland Civic Center. In March there was a music concert by the combined choirs of Trinity Reformed and Christ Memorial. In April a re-dedication service was held. A mission celebration with the theme of “Tell, Go, Do” was also conducted.

In July 1983 Rev. Mulder left to become the General Secretary of The Reformed Church in America.