In concert with Reformed theology, Christ Memorial Reformed Church is first and foremost a body of believers who are becoming disciples of Christ, re-forming according to the Word of God.

The second and third chapter of the Book of Revelation contains clear, concise, and comprehensive instruction on the Church’s life and work as presented to the seven churches in Asia Minor. The letters address what Christ thinks of the church and considers the marks that should characterize it — love, suffering, truth, holiness, opportunity, and wholeheartedness.

While the only perfect church exists in heaven, Christ Memorial Reformed Church has experienced and exhibited many of these characteristics throughout its history. It is known for being the church that will accept anyone, regardless of where they are on their life journey, a church where life can begin again. Phrases used to describe the church include not being judgmental, a permission-giving rather than a permission-withholding church with a DNA of engagement and encouragement. Themes that come through are that it is a very friendly, caring, welcoming, and relational church that results in a vital community.

The church has also been abundant in resources with both people and finances which has resulted in generous giving of time, talent, and financial resources for its own members, the local community, and around the world. Throughout its history, an emphasis on education and discipleship for all ages, and especially youth, has characterized the church. It was a pioneer in the role of women in the church.

Christ Memorial has had a history of gifted pastors who have provided God-honoring teaching and transformational spiritual leadership, along with many gifted lay leaders. The use of both traditional and contemporary music is a key element in the worship experience led by talented directors and worship leaders. A significant part of what makes the church distinctive is God-honoring worship that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

While the church is a God-inspired and honoring institution, it is a human institution which at times results in periods of conflict and suffering. Christ Memorial has not been immune to these struggles, but has survived and become stronger as a result. The Bible teaches that God disciplines those He loves and that applies to His church as well.