Church-wide Study – Immerse: Beginnings

Starting January 14, we will begin a new church-wide journey through the Immerse: Beginnings Bible focusing on the first five books of the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy). That week the congregation will begin reading, following the schedule in the back of the Immerse Bible.  Each following Sunday, the message will focus on what you will have just read. In this series, sermons will follow the readings instead of introducing the readings. We are also switching to the 16-week reading plan instead of the 8-week reading plan we used for Messiah. The reading schedule is located in the back of the Immerse: Beginnings Bible.  Hardcopy handouts of this schedule for both the Immerse Bible and your own personal Bible are available at the Discipleship Kiosk or the SE Welcome Desk.

The Immerse: Beginnings Bible is available for purchase on Sundays at the Info Center or during the week in the church office, Monday – Thursday, 9AM-3PM.  Cost per book is $10. Payment is due upon receipt. Sorry large print copies are not available for Immerse: Beginnings. Questions: Contact Lori or call 616-796-3661.