Ruby’s Tuesday Morning WOW (Women of the Word)

Tuesday mornings, 7:30-9am
Contact: Ruby Kickert
Green Room just inside Entrance D

This group is reading and discussing Andy Stanley’s book, Not in It to Win It – Why Choosing Sides Sidelines the Church. In this relatable and practical book, Andy points us back to the mission Jesus sent us on – showing the love of Jesus to a broken and hurting world – even as we navigate the complicated and emotionally-charged terrain of today’s cultural divides and hot-button disagreements. Rather than viewing Christianity through the filter of partisanship, Andy challenges us to evaluate all of life through the wide-angle lens of faith. Jesus called his followers to obey a new command, to love others in the same way he has loved us. Instead of asserting our rights or fighting for power, we are to ask ourselves: what does love require of me? Don’t settle for winning a game that God isn’t playing. Instead seek to live in a way that your life makes a difference for others, showcasing the love of God to the world. Women are invited to join this book study and discussion group.

For more information, contact Lori at or 796-3361.

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