PALM SUNDAY:   Sunday, April 2, 9:30am

GOOD FRIDAY: join us for a combined service of reflection, including communion, on Friday, April 7, at 7pm in the sanctuary.

EASTER SUNDAY, April 9, invite your family and friends to join us in celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus at 9:30am in the sanctuary and chapel.

A note about COMMUNION: The Care and Connection Elders and CMC leadership have approved the return of Communion using a modified form of intinction method of serving Communion. This method will replace the pre-packaged method that has been used during the past two years. This new method will be first implemented at the April 7, Good Friday service. You will be ushered forward, where teams of two Elders will be located at serving stations in the front of the Sanctuary. One Elder, using gloves and tongs, will hand you a piece of bread and a second Elder, with gloved hands, will hand you a cup of juice. You will partake of Communion at that time and place your used cup into a waste receptacle and return to your seat. A gluten-free serving station will be available where one Elder, wearing gloves, will hand you a wafer followed by a cup of juice. If you are not able to come forward, a circulating Elder, using gloves, will serve you in your seat. For those wishing to continue to use pre-packaged elements, these will be offered to you by a circulating Elder as you stay in your seat, again while wearing gloves.
– In His service, Care and Connection Elder Board